How to eliminate ants: remedies and advice

Welcome to Dr. Pool! Ants in plants are a real problem for plant lovers. In fact, these small insects are to all intents and purposes pests and cause damage to the vegetation, both indoor and outdoor. This guide highlights the damage that ants cause, the plants most at risk and the methods to eliminate them,

How to drive out pigeons: 3 effective solutions

How to drive out pigeons? That’s the question that haunts you, when you see them taking over the balcony of the house and “whitewashing” the railings, with their dangerous excrement. Pigeons are city birds that move among us with ease. They colour the squares, roofs and balconies, entertain tourists and children, who love to run

Rats and Mice Differences: How to Recognize Them

Yes, an experienced eye can immediately identify the type of annoying rodent that has targeted your home or business. The signs of an infestation of rats or mice are always the same: acrid smelling excrement, gnawing on furniture and electrical wiring, scratches on the walls, footprints and bad smell. However, the method of deratization changes

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Centipedes are ugly bugs that often find their way into homes. Generally, they are not harmful to humans, but most people would prefer not to share their home with them. Centipedes are rather easy to control, though, if you know how to keep them away. Centipedes can get to six inches in length. They are

Basic Swimming Pool Care

If you own a home with a swimming pool, then you already know that your pool needs great care. If you are looking at purchasing a new swimming pool for yourself then you too can learn the basics of proper pool care. Now beware of what some people might tell you. I have had some

Maintaining Swimming Pools in the Tropics

In most tropical countries, home owners prefer having their own swimming pools at home to beat the heat most especially during the summer season. The only disadvantage of having a pool is when rainy or wet season comes. The only solution that every pool owner should try is having an automatic pool installed to prevent

Automatic Pool Covers

Having a swimming pool at home is really satisfying but when we talk about the maintenance it is something that most pool owners worry about. In Australia, there are many types of pool cover are being offered not only in the market but they also have modern and high technology products to maintain clean waters.

How To Maintain a Pool During Winter

There are many ways to maintain a pool, you can do it manually by cleaning and filtering all the floating dirt on the water, use chemicals to keep the water clean, hire a maintenance person to preserve it regularly or either use or install pool covers. Obviously, most owners maintain their swimming pools to get