How to drive out pigeons: 3 effective solutions

How to drive out pigeons? That’s the question that haunts you, when you see them taking over the balcony of the house and “whitewashing” the railings, with their dangerous excrement.

Pigeons are city birds that move among us with ease. They colour the squares, roofs and balconies, entertain tourists and children, who love to run with them, and then see them take flight. Unfortunately, however, they are sneaky and opportunistic birds, which represent a serious problem for your health.

Carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, pigeons can cause epidemics by spreading ectoparasites, such as soft ticks and hematophagous mites, which feed on their blood. These microorganisms can settle in dwellings, where pigeons find shelter, and infest them on the hunt for blood.

How can you avoid all that? Here are 3 effective solutions to keep the pigeons away and live in peace

How to drive away pigeons: getting to know them to act effectively
Urban pigeons are derived from domestic pigeons that have escaped from the farms. Some call them pigeons, when they take on a white coloration, but they belong to the same family.

They are lazy birds, which are very careful not to disperse useless energy, so they limit themselves to satisfying their instinctive primary needs. The city environment offers comfortable and suitable spaces for their nesting, as well as numerous and delicious opportunities for sustenance, which they know how to take advantage of with dexterity.

All these comforts added to the reverberation of the heating of the buildings during the winter season, and to the constant night lighting, have contributed to lengthen the reproductive period. This is why pigeons have managed to develop a profitable colonization of our cities.

The population explosion of pigeons is a problem both from the hygienic-sanitary point of view and in terms of conservation of the architectural and artistic heritage. However, it is possible to limit its impact, with 3 effective volatile pest control solutions.

#1 Pigeon removal with electric bollards

Electric bollards are an effective system against harassing birds. There are several models, which you can power with both domestic power and small solar panels. They consist of an accumulator element, called “rail”, which is fixed along the surface to be protected and connected to the power source.

The architectural impact of electric bollards is practically zero and they are a practical solution to install and very effective. The electrical impulse warned by pigeons is harmless, but sufficient as a warning, to make them understand that it is a surface to be avoided in the future.

These small electrostatic systems, defined as electric bollards for pigeons, are a suitable solution for cornices and eaves curves. They withstand atmospheric conditions and operate with low energy consumption.

#2 Moving birds away with mechanical bollards

Mechanical bollards are widely used and are divided into 3 categories:

  • pin bollards;
  • network system;
  • bollards.

Pin bollards are usually made of stainless steel, and you can glue them or fix them with special screws on the surfaces to be protected. Formats and models are available with specific characteristics according to the application. They are used to keep pigeons away from cornices, windowsills, capitals and gutters. A harmless solution for birds that is particularly effective.

The anchored net system is useful to protect open spaces, such as courtyards, interiors and roofs, in which pigeons may squeeze in and nest. The nets used are made of steel or polypropylene and the different colours available on the market allow you to adopt a definitive and visually irrelevant solution.

The wire nets are also used to protect the windows of the floors or cracks, such as those of chimneys and stoves.

Wire bollards prevent birds from stopping because they are laid horizontally on the surface and form an unstable support surface for pigeons. Useful for window sills, cornices and gutters, they have even less visual impact than spiked bollards and are still effective and economical.

#3 Olfactory deterrents to ward off birds

Among the different solutions designed to understand how to drive out the pigeons that have chosen to live with you, there are visual and ultrasonic bollards. These techniques can be useful for a while, but the adaptability of the pigeons and the noise of the city end up making them less effective over time.

Olfactory deterrents can be an extra weapon to integrate into your arsenal of self-defense. Before using them you need to clean the surfaces very carefully and carefully, to avoid contamination, and then you can spray them with special sprays, which release unpleasant substances to pigeons.

It is not a final solution, but while waiting to consult a company specialized in bird pest control, you can remove the pigeons and preserve the health of your family.

Do you want to know what species of pigeons exist and what other methods you can use to remove them? Learn more in this article: how to remove pigeons and other birds.

How to chase away pigeons: What dissuaders to choose?

To drive away pigeons and protect your home, you don’t have to kill or injure them. As you have seen, there are economic and ethical methods to respect the life of pigeons. Just as provided for by law n.986 of December 27, 1972, which defines them as state property.

Therefore, to protect your property and the surrounding areas, you have different solutions available, which you can choose according to the type of surface to be freed. The combined effect of several types of bollards can represent the right strategy for a definitive result. However, choosing the most appropriate ones and installing them correctly is far from easy.

We are well aware of the dynamics that can arise and the difficulties you are facing. If you want to have the guarantee of a decisive intervention and drive out pigeons forever, contact us now and ask for a free quote.

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